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Engineering Sector

Computer Integrated Engineering System

Computer Integrated Engineering System,Development for Tool per each Model,Development for other Tool

Tank Master 2.0
Type Stand-Alone
Applied Tool Java, Visual Basic, HTML, JSP, Oracle/My SQL
Coverage Sector
  • Cone/Dome Roof Tank, Floating Roof Tank , Spherical Tank
  • Cryogenic Tank
  • Strength Calculation, Bill of Material List Cutting Plan, Ass’y
  • Drawings
  • Technical Specification, Purchase Specification
  • Reference Documentation
Applied Code API 650, API620, ASME, KS, BS, ANSI, JIS, UBC etc.
Certificate No. Patent 0381863, Program 2003-01-12-4688
  • Free from Time and Space Limitations
  • One-Stop Processing with Basic Design Data only
  • Advanced Tank Engineering Technology through so many
  • Experiences and Know-How
  • Following-up Client needs with continuous Upgrades and
  • Maintenances
  • All kinds of Apparatus with Documents of Bidding, Estimation
  • and Construction
  • Provide wide D/B to Suppliers and Manufacturers in the field of
  • Storage Tank Plant

Development for Tool per each Model

  1. Design Tool for Fixed roof type storage tank (Cone / Dome roof type)
  2. Design Tool for Single deck type floating roof storage tank
  3. Design Tool for Double deck type floating roof storage tank
  4. Design Tool for ASME SEC.VIII DIV.1 & 2 and JIS Code
  5. Suspended deck / Double dome roof type Cryogenic Storage tank ....Design Tool for Suspended deck / Double dome roof type Cryogenic Storage ... tank (Single wall & Double wall)

Development for other Tool

  1. Optimised Engineering Tool for Trussed Supported Cone Roof Tank
  2. Engineering Tool for Heat Transfer for Roof of LPG Tank
  3. Engineering Tool for Sloshing of LPG Tank
  4. Advanced Engineering Tool for Seismic and Wind

Manufacture/Erection/Maintenance Sector

  1. Development of Optimised Roof Air Raising Technology for Double Wall ... LPG Tank
  2. Development of Auto-Welding Technology for 9% Ni Steel of Cryogenic Tank
  3. Development of TIG-Welding Technology for 9% Ni Steel of Cryogenic Tank
  4. Development of Localization Technology for Manufacture and Installation ... Tool of Cryogenic Tank