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Cone Roof Tank

Cone roof tank is the most common type among all of cylindrical tanks, and has conical Fixed roof with/ without roof structure. As this is easy maintenance and economical type,there are several types such as Self Supported Type,Rafter Supported Type,Column Supported Type and Trussed Types. The cone roof tank is commonly used for storing atmospheric volatile products such as heavy and diesel oil, kerosene, water, etc, normally designed in accordance with API 650 and 620.

Dome Roof Tank

Dome roof tank has a shape of Sphere / Umbrella roof structure. The dome roof tank is used for storing volatile products with internal pressure, and is designed in accordance with API 650 and 620. This is classified to compression ring type and knuckle ring type generally.

Floating Roof Tank

Floating roof tank has a shape of Double Deck/ Single Deck/ Internal Floating Roof. The roof floats on the product, and is sealed with sealing device along the rim space. Especially,Double Deck type is effective for heat isolation,prevention of heat emission and safety of buoyancy. However,as its high cost is disadvantageous,so that will be applied by client’s request only. And,Internal Floating Roof Type is used for prevention of evaporation loss and influence by wind/rain or contamination. The tank is used for storing highly volatile products, such as crude / condensate/ naphtha, and is designed in accordance with API 650.

Spherical Type Tank

Spherical tank stores products of liquefied gases or chemicals with high pressure commonly and also designed in accordance with ASME SEC.Ⅷ DIVⅠ&Ⅱ. The tank is classified into Watermelon Type, Football and Partial Football Type used widely depending on the cutting plan of shell. WINTECO has designed and built sixty(60) spherical tanks over during last a few years around the world.

Cryogenic Tank / Low Temperature Tank

Cryogenic tank is classified into Single Containment/ Double Containment and Full Containment depending on the storing concept, and Single shell and Double shell type by shell structure. Double shell with PC/RC outer shell and steel outer shell by material applied to outer shell. As a more economic internal roof type,suspended deck is used than dome roof commonly.

Cryogenic tank is enclosed by the insulation system to prevent heat loss through shell, roof and bottom. The tank stores liquefied products of low temperature and low pressure such as LPG/ LNG/ Ethylene/ Ammonia/ LOx/ LIn/ LAr etc., designed in accordance with API 620 "Q" / "R" and BS 7777. WINTECO has designed and built fifteen(15) over refrigerated and cryogenic storage tanks for liquefied gases by advanced high technology of air-raising during merely several years around the world.

We provide low temperature and cryogenic storage tanks for the entire range of liquefied gases including butadiene, butane, ammonia, chlorine, propane, propylene, carbon dioxide, LNG, LPG, ethylene, oxygen, argon, nitrogen and hydrogen.