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Storage Equipment

We provide complete package of engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) services of storage tanks including cryogenic and high pressure spherical tank for worldwide customers in a number of industries such as Oil and Gas processing plant, Petrochemical and Chemical process plant, Power regeneration plant, etc.

Atmospheric & Low Pressure .. Storage Tank

  • Cone Roof Tank
  • Dome Roof Tank
  • Covered Floating Roof Tank
  • Internal Floating Roof Tank
  • Single Deck Floating Roof Tank
  • Double Deck Floating Roof Tank

High Pressure Storage Tank

  • Spherical Tank

Cryogenic Storage Tank

  • Single Containment Type
  • Double Containment Type
  • Full Containment Type

LNG Storage Tank

  • Double Shell with PC Wall Type
  • Double Shell with 9% Ni Steel Type

Engineering & Consulting

WINTECO provides engineering and consulting services to the storage tank business. These services include basic and detailed design, preparation of drawings and documentation as well as project management consulting, tendering and proposal of works.

Our engineering team equipped with the latest computer and software package work with our clients within highly efficient network system to design equipments and facilities to meet various market requirements. Our engineers with experiences and qualification provide our clients reliable and better services.

Our customer can take advantage of the cost effective engineering services and gain useful information and data as to utilize our organization and resources.

WINTECO's professional services offer consulting expertise in the areas of plant solutions, line-up infrastructure and network to help you plan, implement, and manage your plant engineering environment.

Engineering and Design

  • Storage Tanks
  • Purchasing Items


  • Project management
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction support
  • Supervision & Training
  • Welding
  • Quality control
  • Maintenance of management service
  • Operation service
  • Provide skilled manpower


WINTECO has power and capability for global services and trading system to outsource qualified sub-vendors based on worldwide network linked with on & off-line such as LA and Newyork of USA, London of U.K, Tokyo of Russia, Japan, Peking and Hongkong of China, Taipei of Taiwan, Jakarta of Indonesia, Singapore and Kualalumpur of Malaysia.

Connecting with many qualified global business partners in fields of consulting, Engineering and trading services, WINTECO provides developed and specialized total business services to worldwide Clients.

As outsourcing ability through our global network is WINTECO's another know-how and technology, we provide our customers the best satisfaction for they always require the best quality and competitive products. We provide the best trading services at competitive price through development of the business network to introduce foreign companies to local market and connect them with the local business partner. That's the reason why we know where to go and who to talk to.

Accessories for Storage Tanks

Process Package

  • Wet Scrubber, Reformer, H2 Compressor, ...Evaporator/Crystallization system,
  • Sulphur recovery, Recausticizing & .. Calcining system

Environmental Package

  • SCR catalyst, CO catalyst
  • Incinerator
  • De-Sox & De-Nox System
  • Flue gas treatment system

Energy / Power Package

  • Small-scale power generation equipment ..( micro-turbine )


  • Fuel additives


  • Valve & fittings
  • Antenna system
  • Fuel maintenance system
  • Car remote starter